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How long will it take to coat my parts

Our general turn around time is 1 week, however this timeframe is subject to change depending on our workload

How much will it cost?

This all depends on the amount of parts and their complexity, All parts are different and require more or in depth cleaning and sandblasting, this takes time to ensure the coating is done right the first time

Will my parts get damaged

Certainly Not. We ensure all parts are carefully unboxed, cleaned and prepared, once coated they will be packaged up and returned to you safely.

How do I prepare my parts for coating

All parts must be cleaned and sandblasted, this means that all rubbers, seals, bearings and anything mechanical will need to be removed. Our sandblast grit is exceptionally fine making it hard to remove from bearings. Seals must also be removed as they will be enduring hi temperatures in our oven.

What credit cards do you take?

We accept Cash on delivery, Paypal or direct bank transfer

What Colours do you have

We have all colours that Cerakote provide, there are over 400 different colours and shades to choose from 

Can you mix Colours

Colours can be mixed however we cannot guarantee a specific 100% colour match

What Happens if I scratch the coating

Cerakote coating can be applied to all metals, plastics and wood. Its hardness is exceptional, however this all depends on the substrate the coating sits on. An aluminium part will scratch much easier than a stainless steel part for example.

What temperatures can the coating withstand

Being a ceramic coating a thermal layer is introduced to your part when coated. H series Cerakote can withstand temperatures of up to 260C.

Whereas C series can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C or 1800°F

What chemicals are resistant to the coating

Pretty much all every-day chemicals and then some ! 

These include: Acetone, Thinners, Paint Stripper, MEK, Dot4 Fluid, Gun oils.

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